Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM) considers that it is our social responsibility to adequately recognize the importance of information and protect it as appropriate. JFSM complies with statutory and other regulations related to protection of private information as well as addresses continual management of private information and improvement in all activities.

1. Obtaining and Using Private Information

  1. When obtaining private information, JFSM notifies the parties involved of the use purpose in advance. JFSM obtains private information by legal and fair means, and uses the personal data within the usage scope to strictly control the information.

2. Acquisition and Use of Personal Numbers

  1. JFSM collects and uses personal numbers and specific personal information in accordance with laws concerning the use of specific numbers for identifying individuals for government procedures only for the purpose of use as defined by those laws.

3. Implementation of Safety Controls

  1. JFSM addresses assured safety for the control of private information by maintaining accuracy of private information.

4. Compliance with Law and Regulations, and Revision of Policy

  1. JFSM appropriately handles private information complying with law and other regulations applicable to the protection of private information. The Policy shall be timely reviewed and revised for further improvement of the protection of private information.

5. Response to Complaints and Consultations related to Private Information

  1. JFSM sincerely responds to any complaint and consultation. JFSM will immediately responds to the request for disclosing, correcting, stopping the use of and deleting the obtained private information after verifying that the request is from the parities of obtained private information.

6. Inquiry

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