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GFSI Approval of JFS-C Standard for Food Safety Management System (Food Manufacturing Subsector: EI and EIII)


The JFS-C Standard (Food Manufacturing Subsector *EI and EIII), a food safety management
system operated by the Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM), was approved
by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)** on March 27, 2020.

*Sub-sector EI: Processing of perishable animal products EII: Processing of perishable
vegetable products EIII: Processing of perishable animal and vegetable products (mixed
products) EIV: Processing of products stored at room temperature
GFSI is an international organization established in 2000 by major global food companies to
operate an international standard food safety management system based on GFSI benchmark
requirements and to improve food safety throughout the global food chain and for consumers.
Background of the GFSI approval of JFS-C standards (food manufacturing subsectors:
EⅠand EⅢ)

JFSM, established in 2016, was expected to have GFSI approval of its food safety management
system JFS standard to promote exports of Japanese food and agricultural products, and in
October 2018, the JFS-C standard (food manufacturing sub-sector EIV) became the first
Japanese private standard to be approved by GFSI, which is considered an international
standard. In October 2018, the JFS-C standard (food manufacturing sub-sector EIV) became
the first Japanese private sector standard to be approved by GFSI, an international standard.
On the other hand, the JFS-C standards (food manufacturing subsectors EⅠ, EⅡ, and EⅢ)
were not yet approved by GFSI because the GFSI application requirements (more than 10
certification results) were not met.
We are pleased to announce that the JFS-C standards (food manufacturing subsectors E I and
E III) have met the GFSI application requirements and the GFSI application has been
submitted and approved for GFSI benchmark requirement 7.2 on March 27, 2020.

Overview of the JFS-C standard
(1) Overview
This standard is a food safety management standard for food manufacturers (processors) in
Japan and is the most effective standard for international transactions among JFS-A/B/C
standards. Food manufacturers (processors) can obtain certification for this standard through
the JFSM certification body.
(2) Structure of this standard
The requirements of this standard consist of three major elements: Food Safety Management
System (FSM), Hazard Control (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
(3) Related documents of this standard
JFS-C Standard (Food Manufacturing: Sector E) [Requirements for Organizations]
JFS-C Standard (Sector: E) <Manufacturing> Guideline Ver.2.3

JFSM will continue to make efforts to contribute to the promotion of exports by the Japanese
food industry, the reduction of audit costs for the entire food chain, and the improvement of
food safety by increasing the recognition and widespread use of the GFSI-approved JFS-C

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