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President's message for World Food Safety Day


Tetsuro Ohba, President
The Japan Food Safety Management Association

June 7 is the third World Food Safety Day, which is designated by the United Nations.

FAO-WHO is calling for the five actions shown here under the slogan; "Food Safety is everyone's business." "Ensure it's safe, Grow it safe, Keep it safe, Know what's safe, Team up for food safety." Through the establishment, operation, and promotion of food safety management standard JFS, JFSM is working to achieve food safety, protect people's health, develop the food industry, and ensure food sustainability. Our work is directly related to some of SDGs set by the United Nations, and our mission is to build a social infrastructure for food safety together with you. JFSM is holding a social networking project "7daysJapanFoodsafetychallenge" for one week from today, June 1, in commemoration of World Food Safety Day. We hope you will join us by posting your messages with the hashtag "7daysJapanfoodsafetychallenge" and participate in the World Food Safety Day together.