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[Re-posted] Call for applications for "Model Businesses to Obtain JFS Standards


The Japan Food Safety Promotion Organization (JFSA) provides subsidies for the cost of audits and inspections for food business operators who wish to obtain a food safety management system certification or a certificate of conformity to JFS standards (hereinafter referred to as "certification, etc.") originating in Japan, with the aim of starting or expanding exports to overseas markets.

We will subsidize the cost of audits for the acquisition of JFS-A, JFS-B, and JFS-C standards. These costs include not only audit/audit fees, but also registration fees and consulting fees.

Application period: Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - Friday, October 29, 2021

Please refer to the following documents for details of the open call and application.

"Notice of Additional Public Offering for "Model Businesses for JFS Standard Certification

Application Form for JFS Standard Certification Model Business (Form 1)

JFS Standard Model Business: Declaration and Confirmation that the Company is not an Antisocial Force (Form 2)

Export Plan for Model Business to Obtain JFS Standards (Form 3)

Business Plan for the Project (Form 4)

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