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Explanatory material and video on the step-up from JFS-B to JFS-C are now available due to the JFSM website renovation


In accordance with the JFSM website renovation, we have added new information that is useful for companies that are considering "Step-up from JFS-B to JFS-C".

Step Up from JFS-B to JFS-C / Road to JFS Standard Certification page


(Note: Japanese only)

The above page provides explanatory materials and video clips on the new requirements that businesses that have acquired the JFS-B standard need to address when stepping up to the JFS-C standard.

The explanatory materials and video explain the six major differences between the JFS-B and JFS-C standards, as well as nine relatively minor differences.

[The 6 major difference items are as follows]

  FSM2, FSM3, FSM8, FSM15, FSM20, FSM26

[8 relatively small differences]

  FSM4, FSM5, FSM10, FSM19.2, GMP1, GMP9, GMP14, GMP16

If you are considering or preparing to move up to the JFS-C standard after obtaining the JFS-B standard, please take advantage of the various documents available on the above page.

Disclaimer: The translation process used on this English website is partially offered by a "machine translation" for your convenience. This translated document is provided for information purposes only. In the event of a difference of interpretation or a dispute, the original Japanese version of this document is binding.