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Public comments on "JFS Audit and Conformity Certification Program Document Ver. 3.0 (Draft Revision)" are now open.


Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the activities of the Japan Food Safety Management Association. We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting public comments on the following proposal.

Call for Comments on "JFS Audit and Conformity Assurance Program Document Ver. 3.0 (Draft Revision)


The JFS standards to be operated under the Conformity Certification Program include the JFS-A/B standard, JFS standard (Food Service), JFS standard (Food Service Multi-site), and the JFS standard for fruit and vegetable sorting and packing facilities for Thailand. The main features of the conformity certification program are that the auditing company can also provide consulting services to the auditee business, and can provide guidance and advice during the audit. Because of these features, many small and medium-sized businesses have obtained JFS-B certification as an easy-to-work with standard, and the number of JFS-B certification exceeded 2000 in September 2022.
With many businesses using the JFS Certificate of Conformity as a means of proving their food safety initiatives, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure the reliability of our conformity certification program.

In order to improve the reliability of the conformity certification program, we have revised the "JFS Audit and Conformity Certification Program Document Ver. 2.1" and created the "JFS Audit and Conformity Certification Program Document Ver. 3.0 (Revised Draft)".
We have also made efforts to align the sector codes and HACCP-related descriptions with the JFS-A/B Standard Ver. 3.0, which was issued in March 2022.

We would be grateful for your comments and suggestions, including those from audit firms that are subject to the standard.

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