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New Training Course: Internal Auditor Training Course for JFS-C Standards has been established.


JFSM has established a new training course for internal auditors of JFS-C standards.

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This JFS-C Standard Internal Auditor Training Course provides a systematic study of the knowledge and skills required for businesses that have acquired the JFS-C Standard or are considering acquiring the JFS-C Standard in the future to objectively evaluate and determine that their food safety management system plans and implementation status conform to the requirements of the JFS-C Standard, based on the JFS-C Standard Document FSM20 Internal Audit.

The course is intended for food safety managers and HACCP team leaders/members who are seeking to obtain or maintain JFS-C standards, as well as for those in charge of supplier audits and two-party audits*.

(*Completion of the Food Safety Training Course is recommended.)

The training is a two-day program.

The first day is dedicated to learning about the requirements of the JFS-C certification program and the JFS-C standard requirements.

On the second day, participants will practice the knowledge and skills required to plan, conduct, report, and follow up on internal audits based on the JFS-C requirements.

Currently, the JFS-C Standard Internal Auditor Training Course by BML Food Science, Inc. has been approved by the JFSM.

BML Food Science Inc.


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