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【Free Online Seminar on July 9, 2024】" Ensuring HACCP Compliance with Confidence! Introduction to the "JFS Standard (Food Service)"


We will be hosting a seminar tailored for food service providers, including those in the restaurant and school meal sectors, introducing the food safety management standards "JFS Standard (Food Service)" and "JFS Standard (Food Service - Multi-site)" that are adaptable to HACCP system implementation.


During this seminar, we will explain the features of these food safety management standards for food service providers and the benefits of obtaining certification, with insights from actual certified food service providers. Additionally, towards the end of the seminar, we plan to provide information on the "JFS Standard Acquisition Support Program," which offers assistance with audit fees and PR support for obtaining JFS certification.


This is a free-of-charge, one-hour compact online seminar. Food service providers interested in upgrading their standards in JFS certification or hygiene management are encouraged to join us.


Please refer to this brochure for more information on the JFS Standard (Food Service) and JFS Standard (Food Service - Multi-site):

https://www.jfsm.or.jp/docs/2402_JFSfoodservice_leaflet.pdf(Note: Japanese only)


== Event Details ==
■ Date & Time: July 9th, 2024 (Tuesday), 14:00 - 15:00


■ Seminar Title: Ensuring HACCP Compliance with Confidence! Introduction to the "JFS Standard (Food Service)"
※ We will also provide information on the "JFS Standard Acquisition Support Program" (Audit Fee Assistance & PR Support).


■ Speaker: Makoto Hattanda (Manager, Conformity Assessment Team / Human Resource Development Team, JFS Department, Japan Food Safety Management Association)


■ Format: Zoom Webinar


■ Capacity: 500 participants (First-come, first-served basis, Pre-registration required)


■ Registration:Please register via the Zoom Webinar viewing registration URL provided below.


(Note: Japanese only)



【Contact Information】
Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM)
Business Management Support Department - 2, Promotion Team
Tel: 03-6268-9691

Email: info★jfsm.or.jp
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