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An additional internal auditor training course has been added for the JFS-C standard.


A new training course by Fields Consulting Corporation has been added to the JFS-C standard internal auditor training course.

Please contact the respective training organizations for details.


(Only in Japanese)

This JFS-C Standard Internal Auditor Training Course is designed to provide those who have obtained the JFS-C Standard or are considering obtaining the JFS-C Standard in the future with the knowledge and skills necessary to objectively evaluate and judge the conformity of their food safety management system plan and implementation status to the requirements of the JFS-C Standard based on the JFS-C Standard Document FSM20 Internal Audit.

The course is intended for food safety managers, HACCP team leaders, members aiming to obtain or maintain JFS-C standards, and those in charge of supplier and secondary audits*.

(*Completion of a food safety training course is recommended)

The training is a two-day program.

On the first day, participants will learn about the requirements of the JFS-C certification program and the JFS-C standard requirements.

On the second day, participants will practice the knowledge and skills required to plan, conduct, report, and follow up on internal audits based on JFS-C requirements.

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