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【 Final Announcement 】Notice of Additional Public Offering for "JFS Standard Acquisition Model Companies


In order to expand exports and promote JFS standards, we will subsidize the cost of acquiring certification, etc. for food business operators who wish to obtain certification or certification of conformity (hereinafter referred to as "certification, etc.") to Japan-originated food safety management system certification or JFS standards, depending on the category. This is the final announcement for this year.

We will subsidize the examination/audit fee, registration fee, and consulting fee for the selected businesses. (There is an upper limit).

Please refer to the application guide for more details on eligibility and application conditions.

"JFS Model Business Applicants

Application Form for JFS Standard Model Business (Form 1)

Declaration and Confirmation of Non-Anti-Social Forces (Form 2)

Export Plan (Form 3)

Business Plan for the Project (Form 4)

(Application period: Friday, November 5, 2021 - Friday, December 31, 2021)

Please note that applications may be closed even before the end of the application period if one company is selected for each category.

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