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Recording of the JFS Standards Online Seminar for Food Service and Catering Businesses (held on March 16) is now available.


The free online seminar "'JFS Standards (Food Service)' for Food Service Providers as a Certificate of Safe Foodservice" held on Thursday, March 16, is now available for archiving. The archived webcast of the seminar is now available for viewing. Please click on the link below.


<The following is the information in the announcement of the seminar.>

For food service operators considering the introduction of third-party evaluation to communicate their sanitation management initiatives and gain the trust and confidence of customers, we will introduce the "JFS Standard (Food Service)," a food safety management standard that can respond to the HACCP systemization.

In this seminar, we will explain the features of the food safety management standard for food service operators in the restaurant and food service businesses and the benefits of acquiring the standard, with introductions of actual food service operators who have acquired the standard.

The seminar will conclude with information on subsidies that support the acquisition of JFS standards.

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JFSM (Japan Food Safety Management Association)

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